Our products are oriented to the industrial sector and specifically to the aeronautical, space, railway, automotive and naval industries. We offer you our web catalogue of products, as well as a free subscription to be informed of all the news that we incorporate into our product catalogue.

All our products can be purchased by entering a purchase order through our digital platform.

At Sethlans we seek to meet the needs of the industrial and organizational processes of the sectors and businesses in which we are leaders. Of which we highlight the following:

o Drilling, reaming, countersinking, drilling with jigs, stand or bushing supports, Micro-stop cages, "Cold Working"

o Riveted with solid rivet. Riveted with blind rivet. Riveted with special “Jo-Bolt”, “Hi-Lok” systems, techniques, solutions and custom tooling

o Machining and Sheet Metal Forming and metal working, scissors ...

o Composite materials Cutting and working in carbon fibre and fiberglass

o Screwing and assembly Screw consumables, special torq-set tips tri-wing, torx, hi-torque, torque wrenches

o Assemblies temporary fasteneres, CLECO type, sergeants. All systems, all brands and tools available, design and manufacture of any type of temporary assembly tool for clamp and fastening tools.

o Hardware Store General manual tool, hammer metric and inch wrenches

o Surface finishes roughing end mills, ripping cutters, abrasives, consumables.

o Safety and quality. Special Aircraft safety wire and twister, seals, fasteners and sealants

o Mirror and flashlight inspection tool

o Aspiration, PPE

o Sorting and classification, FOAM, FOD prevention devices

o Hydraulic tooling for flare and assembly of hydraulic pipes

o Metrology: digital and analogue aircraft cable tensiometers for remote controls and others

o Measurement tool both dimensional and tire pressure among others

o Sealing, paints and chemicals. Application of sealants and greases, pistols, nozzles, cartridges, spatulas.

Sethtlans distributes the best products from all over the world manufacturers. Having a large inventory and worldwide contacts, we are able to supply any product. We turn a “hard-to-find” product into an available product in a short time, meeting the requirements of the space and aeronautical sector AOG service terms.