At Sethlans we work to optimize processes and achieve objectives for companies in the aeronautical, space, railway, automotive, naval and general industry.

Always offering the most expert and professional advice, analysing the needs, current status and expectations of our clients. Using the most advanced process management systems.

Our main services:

· Advice and consulting in various processes, design, manufacturing, organizational and business

· Design and manufacture of tooling, equipment and tools for aeronautical manufacturing and maintenance MRO

· Design and supply of logistics solutions for production and supply chains

   o TSH, TPS or JIT 生産 方式 (Just in time)

   o KANBAN 看板

   o LEAN

   o VMI (Vendor Management Inventory)

   o KAIZEN 改善

· Drafting and management of projects, legal texts and adaptation, validation and approval of any type of product, installation or machinery.

· Comprehensive turnkey projects

· Customized training, recycling programmes.

· Maintenance and repair of all kinds of facilities and machines developed or supplied by us.